Jacqueline Smith


By PhoenixAdmin


My sister and I were very frustrated with the estate of our grandmother not being managed well by the executor, so my sister contacted Mr. Stern to get legal advice. After speaking to Mr. Stern we felt reassured that we could pursue legal action to get the money we were legally entitled to. Mr. Stern pursued a very well hidden money trail and was able to get us an amount which greatly exceeded our expectations. If we did not have Mr. Stern represent us, we would still be waiting to receive the money since the executor clearly had no intention of paying our share. Mr. Stern is a lawyer you can trust and has compassion for people being victimized . He worked very hard to seek justice for us because once you lose a loved one, the issues of an estate between contentious family members can be extremely painful. Mr. Stern gave us closure to a matter that now has a happy ending. If you are unsure about an estate situation like I was, contact Mr. Stern for legal advice. He makes you feel comfortable and explains things without all the legal jargon. He really put an end to a family divided, and gave us the justice and closure we wanted. I am a very happy client🤗🤗🤗 G. Smith