Believe it or not if you practice NY estate litigation long enough the issue of murder is bound to arise at some point in your practice.  While it is said there are two uncontroverted inevitabilities in life death and taxes, some take it upon themselves to hasten the former especially when they stand to inherit a

Any NYC estate lawyer can tell you that the two most emotionally charged types of cases are divorce cases and NYC estate litigation.  Just like any member of the NYPD will tell you that the most volatile police calls are domestic disturbances.  Well the same is true for NYC estate lawyers.  When we as lawyers step inside a

There answer is a resounding NO.  There is a long standing belief engrained within the NY estate law that one should not benefit from the estate of someone they killed.  In fact, there is an entire body of NY estate law called, “The Slayer Statute” discouraging individuals from murdering others for inheritance purposes.  This doctrine