On February 19, 2012, the greatest female vocalist of the 20thcentury was laid to rest at the age of 48. The burial followed a nationally televised funeral held at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ where mother Cissy Houston was their talented, resident gospel singer and a superstar in her own right. The services attracted

What is the NY estate tax?  NY estate planning for blended marriages Not so long ago if you asked any NY estate lawyer what the NYS estate tax was they would be able to tell you.  Today, very few if any NY estate lawyers would even be able to give you a general description of one of

What would you say if I told you a D-List actress who never made it in Hollywood glommed onto the eight hundred million ($800,000,000.00) dollar estate of a sickly octogenarian in California while married to her first husband?   You would probably say it was something straight out of Hollywood.  Well it is straight out