As a NY kinship lawyer practicing in Forest Hills, NY I have handled quite a few types of estate cases. One of the most fascinating types of estate cases is the NY kinship case. NY kinship lawyers have to piece the entire family tree of the decedent together through witness testimony and genealogical evidence at

When the king of pop died in 2009, he had already earned more than $1 billion during his lifetime, which adjusted for inflation, would be over $2 billion dollars today.   Since Michael Jackson’s 2009 death his estate has easily earned another $1 billion in royalties.   So when Michael Jackson left his entire empire to his

Can a child born after their parent drafted a will inherit a NY estate? Matter of Gillmore As a NY estate lawyer practicing in Forest Hills, New York with extensive experience in the NY probate law I have always found this area of practice fascinating. For example, under the NY estate law a parent is

What would you say if I told you a D-List actress who never made it in Hollywood glommed onto the eight hundred million ($800,000,000.00) dollar estate of a sickly octogenarian in California while married to her first husband?   You would probably say it was something straight out of Hollywood.  Well it is straight out

As an experienced NY estate lawyer I am never surprised when estranged relatives of the deceased come out of the woodwork. As a NY will contest lawyer with nearly 50 years of combined legal experience challenging fraudulent wills, I can tell you nothing brings people around like the smell of money. In August of 2015,

As an experienced NY will contest lawyer I can tell you the single greatest opportunity to steal wealth comes towards the ends of our loved one’s lives when they are weak and feeble. In our NY will contest lawyers’ 50 years of combined legal experience successfully challenging and contesting fraudulent attorney drafted wills I’m ashamed