Thanks to the most recent tax reform bill shoved through Congress, the Federal Estate Tax does not normally apply to most estates.  In fact, as of January 1, 2018, the estates of married individuals valued at $22 million dollars or less will not have any estate tax liability at the federal level.  I say usually

As a NYC estate lawyer one of the most common issues we deal with involves non-marital children exercising their rights of inheritance.  A non-marital child is an individual born of parents who were neither married at the time of birth nor were subsequently married.  Technically speaking non-marital children should have the same inheritance rights under

Can a child born after their parent drafted a will inherit a NY estate? Matter of Gillmore As a NY estate lawyer practicing in Forest Hills, New York with extensive experience in the NY probate law I have always found this area of practice fascinating. For example, under the NY estate law a parent is