As an experienced NY estate lawyer with over two decades of experience litigating NY estates we come across some awfully strange wills.  While it is almost always better to have your NY will drafted by an experienced NY estate lawyer there are still no guarantees.  In fact, some of the wackiest NY wills we have come across

If you have small children you need a NY will:  Estate of Nipsey Hussle As a NY estate lawyer with two decades of NY estate litigation experience I have plenty of firsthand knowledge of the causes that spur NY estates to go badly.  A common thread within NY estate horror stories is failing to protect your NY

Inheritance Rights of the adopted?  Estate of Joan Crawford Adoptions happen at various times, by various individuals and for various reasons.  For example, pursuant to the NY estate law when a child is adopted by non-members of their family the child is considered adopted-out.  However, if the adopted out child is adopted by a biological grandparent or any

How to contest a will? Forgery; Estate of Andrea Greenberg As a Queens estate lawyer contesting fraudulent, attorney drafted NY wills for more than two decades I can recite each of the grounds to contest a will in NY from memory. According to the SCPA of the NY estate law the grounds to contest a NY

As a NYC estate lawyer with two decades of experience contesting fraudulent wills I get this question quite often.  Can I contest this NY will?  And on occasion as NY estate lawyers we even get the more complicated question of can an adopted child contest their parent’s NY estate?  Just to be clear in NY and most

As a highly experienced NYC estate lawyer with twenty years of experience handling these complex cases I am continually coming to grips with certain recurring issues.  One such issue involves holographic wills in NY.  While in law school it is instilled in students that holographic wills are bad and invalid within the State of New

There answer is a resounding NO.  There is a long standing belief engrained within the NY estate law that one should not benefit from the estate of someone they killed.  In fact, there is an entire body of NY estate law called, “The Slayer Statute” discouraging individuals from murdering others for inheritance purposes.  This doctrine

In the world of NY will contests the very first step on the long road to successfully prosecuting these matters is to establish standing.  As a NY will contest lawyer with two decades of NY estate litigation experience I can tell you there is no shortage of bad wills out there worth contesting.   But before


Towards the end of their lives, elderly who find themselves in a solitary existence without a spouse or children to watch over them make easy targets for the unscrupulous.  As NY estate lawyers with more than 50 years combined legal experience contesting fraudulent wills we can attest to the frequency in which this occurs.  In