As a NY estate lawyer with over two decades of NY estate litigation experience, some of the most complex and emotionally charged cases we handle involve asserting the inheritance rights of non-marital children. So what are the inheritance rights of non-marital children under the NY estate law?   Normally when someone dies without a NY will, also

How to contest a will? Forgery; Estate of Andrea Greenberg As a Queens estate lawyer contesting fraudulent, attorney drafted NY wills for more than two decades I can recite each of the grounds to contest a will in NY from memory. According to the SCPA of the NY estate law the grounds to contest a NY

Thanks to the most recent tax reform bill shoved through Congress, the Federal Estate Tax does not normally apply to most estates.  In fact, as of January 1, 2018, the estates of married individuals valued at $22 million dollars or less will not have any estate tax liability at the federal level.  I say usually

There answer is a resounding NO.  There is a long standing belief engrained within the NY estate law that one should not benefit from the estate of someone they killed.  In fact, there is an entire body of NY estate law called, “The Slayer Statute” discouraging individuals from murdering others for inheritance purposes.  This doctrine

As a NY estate lawyer with two decades of estate litigation experience I can say the answer is it depends.  Normally when children are given up for adoption all legal and physical ties with their natural parents and family are extinguished.  For example, if a child given up for adoption is later adopted by a


Towards the end of their lives, elderly who find themselves in a solitary existence without a spouse or children to watch over them make easy targets for the unscrupulous.  As NY estate lawyers with more than 50 years combined legal experience contesting fraudulent wills we can attest to the frequency in which this occurs.  In

As NYC estate lawyers we are constantly in Surrogate’s courts throughout the State of NY dealing with this recurring NYC estate issue.  Some of the most emotionally charged NYC estate cases involve the question of disinheritance.  While nobody wants to admit they may have done something to warrant their disinheritance sometimes that is in fact

As a NY estate lawyer with twenty years of experience probating the most complicated estates in New York I am amazed at the evolution of the estate law.  When I began practicing NY estate law two decades ago the Federal Estate Tax Exemptions, the amount of wealth you could pass to your heirs free of

As a NY estate lawyer, I can not emphasise the role of the attorney drafted will as an estate planning tool enough.  The foundation to protect your entire NY estate almost always begins with a NY attorney drafted and supervised will.  As a NY estate lawyer probating and litigating the estates of New Yorkers for

As a NY estate lawyer with nearly twenty years of experience litigating challenging NY estate matters I am amazed at how often the issue of murder arises. For example, as a NY estate lawyer I can tell you that a convicted murderer is deemed unfit to act as a fiduciary, otherwise known as an executor,