As a NY estate lawyer with more than two decades of experience successfully litigating these very difficult NY estates, I can affirm that no other cases rip families apart like NY will contests.  To make matters even worse these cases can often grind on for years and years in NY estate litigation while absorbing hundreds of

As a NY estate lawyer with two decades of experience contesting NY attorney drafted wills I can tell you that contesting NY wills are unequivocally the most difficult cases to handle.  Having successfully disrupted and set aside more than a dozen of these so called “impenetrable” testamentary documents I have learned some of the red flags


When successful aerospace executive passed away at the age of 82 on February 1, 2019, he left behind his $10 million dollar estate to his third wife of 9 months, Francine Coppola, no relation to Francis Ford, to the exclusion of his five children.   Bob Rau was born into a working class family of nine


On the evening of December 5, 1975, celebrity NY estate lawyer Roy Cohn walked into the hospital room of his longtime friend, Lewis S. Rosenstiel.  Rosenstiel was the founding owner of Schenley Distillers, a hugely successful liquor company behind many world renowned liquor labels including but not limited to Jagermeister and Dewars.  After Rosenstiel’s passing Schenley Distillers

Inheritance Rights of Non-Marital children: Estate of Herman J. Russell In the current information age, more information can often lead to more problems.  With advances in science, namely ancestry searches, Queens estate lawyers are seeing more and more cases involving children of parents who turn out not to be the parents.  This new science creates a virtual