When there is no will:  Kinship cases What is a NY kinship case?  As a NY will contest lawyer with two decades of experience probating estates for New Yorkers I have seen individuals who pass away with heirs, without heirs and everything in between.  When we pass away with heirs such as with a spouse

In the State of New York some of the most interesting NY estates include people who pass away without a will or any surviving relatives closer than cousins.  As a Queens kinship lawyer with two decades of experience handling these NY estate cases they never cease to intrigue me.  Pursuant to NY kinship law as

As an experienced NY kinship lawyer practicing in Forest Hill, NY, I can tell you that one of the messiest ways to die is to die without a will and no immediate family members.  In NY these types of cases are called NY kinship estates and governed by the controlling statutes cited in §4-1.1 of