As a NY Estate litigation lawyer with two decades of experience contesting NY estates I can tell you no two NY will contests are alike. One root cause that can guarantee a NY will contest of your NY estate is the disinheritance of children.  While true that the NY estate law does allow a testator, one who

Any NYC estate lawyer can tell you that the two most emotionally charged types of cases are divorce cases and NYC estate litigation.  Just like any member of the NYPD will tell you that the most volatile police calls are domestic disturbances.  Well the same is true for NYC estate lawyers.  When we as lawyers step inside a

As a highly experienced NYC estate lawyer with twenty years of experience handling these complex cases I am continually coming to grips with certain recurring issues.  One such issue involves holographic wills in NY.  While in law school it is instilled in students that holographic wills are bad and invalid within the State of New

As a NY estate will contest lawyer with twenty years of experience I can tell you that nothing brings people apart like a NY will contest.  When one passes away in New York City with a valid will, presumably one drafted and supervised by an experienced NY estate lawyer, the estate is probated.  While probate

As an experienced NY kinship lawyer practicing in Forest Hill, NY, I can tell you that one of the messiest ways to die is to die without a will and no immediate family members.  In NY these types of cases are called NY kinship estates and governed by the controlling statutes cited in §4-1.1 of


As a NY kinship lawyer practicing in Forest Hills, NY I have handled quite a few types of estate cases. One of the most fascinating types of estate cases is the NY kinship case. NY kinship lawyers have to piece the entire family tree of the decedent together through witness testimony and genealogical evidence at

As an experienced NY will contest lawyer I can tell you the single greatest opportunity to steal wealth comes towards the ends of our loved one’s lives when they are weak and feeble. In our NY will contest lawyers’ 50 years of combined legal experience successfully challenging and contesting fraudulent attorney drafted wills I’m ashamed