What is the NY estate tax?  NY estate planning for blended marriages Not so long ago if you asked any NY estate lawyer what the NYS estate tax was they would be able to tell you.  Today, very few if any NY estate lawyers would even be able to give you a general description of one of

What is a NY kinship estate? Estate of Eugene Brown As a Queens NY estate lawyer with more than two decades of estate litigation experience, no cases to me are as fascinating  as NY kinship estate matters.  These NY kinship estate cases have all the elements of a juicy mystery novel for Queens estate lawyers handling these complex

What is a construction proceeding under the NY estate law? Estate of Tom Petty On occasions, a NY estate lawyer will come across a testamentary instrument, also known as a will, which for lack of a better term makes no sense. Assuming the NY will was actually drafted and its execution supervised by a licensed NY estate

How to contest a will? Forgery; Estate of Andrea Greenberg As a Queens estate lawyer contesting fraudulent, attorney drafted NY wills for more than two decades I can recite each of the grounds to contest a will in NY from memory. According to the SCPA of the NY estate law the grounds to contest a NY

Inheritance Rights of Non-Marital children: Estate of Herman J. Russell In the current information age, more information can often lead to more problems.  With advances in science, namely ancestry searches, Queens estate lawyers are seeing more and more cases involving children of parents who turn out not to be the parents.  This new science creates a virtual

Any NY estate lawyer will readily tell you one of the most frequent complaints we get involves beneficiaries who are unhappy with the nominated fiduciary of their NY estate.  The nominated executor is the individual named in the testator’s will designated to administer their NY estate after they pass.  One instance that gives rise to suspicion is

As a NYC estate lawyer with more than two decades of experience litigating NY kinship estate cases I have come to realize no two NY kinship estates are alike.  Pursuant to NY estate law a NY kinship estate occurs when someone passes away without a will, also known as intestacy, and without any known surviving relatives

As a NY kinship lawyer with two decades of NY estate law experience I can tell you kinship cases are some of the most complicated estate cases.  In NY and most other jurisdictions, whenever someone passes away without both a will or immediate next of kin, the estate becomes a kinship case. Normally, the NY kinship estate

As a NY Estate litigation lawyer with two decades of experience contesting NY estates I can tell you no two NY will contests are alike. One root cause that can guarantee a NY will contest of your NY estate is the disinheritance of children.  While true that the NY estate law does allow a testator, one who

As a NYC estate lawyer with two decades of experience contesting fraudulent wills I get this question quite often.  Can I contest this NY will?  And on occasion as NY estate lawyers we even get the more complicated question of can an adopted child contest their parent’s NY estate?  Just to be clear in NY and most