As a NY estate lawyer with more than two decades of experience drafting and probating NY wills we are also NY will contest lawyers.  When drafting NY wills for families in NY we are very aware of the circumstances surrounding each distribution and the realities those distributions may create in the future.  While no two families are

As a NY probate lawyer with more than two decades of experience litigating NY estates I can tell you that inheritance rights of non-marital children can often be ambiguous.  This is because while marital children enjoy the presumption of marital paternity, that their father is in fact their father, non-marital children do not.  Therefore, individuals born of


Also called a Last Will & Testament, a NY will is actually a piece of paper, hopefully drafted by and executed in front of your NY estate lawyer, directing who will control and receive the assets within your NY estate after you are gone.  Absent a NY will, the assets of your NY estate pass through

Believe it or not if you practice NY estate litigation long enough the issue of murder is bound to arise at some point in your practice.  While it is said there are two uncontroverted inevitabilities in life death and taxes, some take it upon themselves to hasten the former especially when they stand to inherit a

One of the hardest parts of the NY estate law is proving a will is the product of undue influence.  An even harder thing to prove under the NY estate law is that a will is the product of forgery.  Unfortunately as a NY estate lawyer we do see recurring facts among NY will contests where

As an experienced NY estate lawyer with over two decades of experience litigating NY estates we come across some awfully strange wills.  While it is almost always better to have your NY will drafted by an experienced NY estate lawyer there are still no guarantees.  In fact, some of the wackiest NY wills we have come across

If you have small children you need a NY will:  Estate of Nipsey Hussle As a NY estate lawyer with two decades of NY estate litigation experience I have plenty of firsthand knowledge of the causes that spur NY estates to go badly.  A common thread within NY estate horror stories is failing to protect your NY

Three reasons to have your NY estate lawyer draft your will: Estate of Aretha Franklin We all know about the two most famous constants in our society, death and taxes.  While there is still very little we can do to completely avoid one of these eventualities, when it comes to the NY estate tax a NY

Inheritance Rights of the adopted?  Estate of Joan Crawford Adoptions happen at various times, by various individuals and for various reasons.  For example, pursuant to the NY estate law when a child is adopted by non-members of their family the child is considered adopted-out.  However, if the adopted out child is adopted by a biological grandparent or any

Inheritance rights of non-marital children under the NY estate law: Estate of Charles Rogers As a NY estate lawyer with over two decades of NY estate litigation experience, some of the most heartbreaking cases involve the inheritance rights of non-marital children.  Normally when someone dies without a NY will, also known as intestacy, the person’s NY