This law firm has assembled a team of incredibly talented attorneys who continuously strive to represent the highest standards of skill in their respective areas of practice. Jason Stern made a name for himself by consistently winning very difficult estate and negligence cases that few attorneys would touch. Our firm’s resume and impressive track record spanning 50 years of handling complex kinship cases affords our clients unparalleled results.

As highly experienced New York kinship and New York estate law attorneys, we are one of the few firms with the knowledge and resources to properly handle these complex and often difficult cases. Jason Stern is a licensed estate lawyer in both New York and New Jersey.

Our attorneys often represent the heirs of estates in the matters of administration (when there is no will), the probate process (when there is a will), accounting (when you suspect the fiduciary is stealing), objections to probate (when you feel that undue influence was exerted in the execution of a will), kinship (when someone dies without immediate family), right of election (when the spouse is left out of the will), turnover proceedings (when assets are fraudulently transferred), and in the removal of executors, as well as many other aspects of estate law.

Our firm’s vast legal resources, enthusiasm and emphasis on individual attention to the needs of each client set our firm apart from any other in New York. At The Law Offices of Jason W. Stern & Associates no client or legal issue is too big or small. In this office we take just as much pride in drafting a will as we do in challenging one. The attorneys at this firm are never too busy to listen to and address your legal concerns.